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It is very important to give back to the youth and reach out to youth within our communities. Having a good time and famous sports adults taking time out for the young children of our next generation. They are every child's hero!

Watch our episodes of them sharing important messages to all the children.
They are providing children with nurturance and sensitive guidance and helping them receive the skills they need to succeed.
Please share our site and help us promote giving back to our youth with important guidance. It is important for the children from any background to get the skills they need to succeed in our fast paced society. Take time today to watch our episodes click here If you believe as we all believe and would like to become a sponsor please contact us today. We are accepting sponsorship that would like to advertise on our sport HERO episodes. Our aim is to reach out to every child that needs nurturance guidance.

**Attention all sport players or music producers or teachers &/or strong business leaders. Become every child's hero by contacting us today if you would like us to tape an interview episode with you to help us fight back crime! GET INVOLVED! GIVE EXISTENCE! BELIEVE! GIVE BACK! GIVE A CHILD'S DREAMS A CHANCE! En·Cour·Age·Ment = Support, Confidence, Self-control, Self-Discipline, "Team-ship" & Hope - All this brings success to our young children of tomorrow!**

Media Productions Presented By Analog Entertainment. Our brand is Analog Entertainment. We produce and broadcast, television programs on our general inquiry click here.

Watch our (AE) "Analog Entertainment" TV channel online entertainment on the net. more... TV Channel Online offers TV Online Network Broadcasting on our TV Channel Online Television channel. "Analog Entertainment LLC" (AE) Presenting our online movie channel network that can be watched on personal computer and lap top plus your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Android, Symbian, Palm OS, or Blackberry.

VERTICAL PLATFORM: (AE) Our brand is Analog Entertainment and has been designed to provide video on-demand, interactive and entertainment video programming via the Internet and other digital distribution platforms such as satellite, IPTV, cable and wireless that will appeal to various target audiences. Early adopters who are interested in experiencing leading edge content and technologies will be drawn to the network implementation of Internet-based and digital cable.

We are fighting back crime - Your sponsorship is greatly needed

Most importantly, we are targeting the teens in inner cities to instill in them the importance of staying in school. If you believe like we believe - You will be giving back to our inner city communities to help all young teens (both girls and boys). It is very important to give back to the youth and help the community. We are having a good time filming with famous sport stars & famous musical singers that have taken their time out for the school age children & teens. Your sponsorship and promotion active will help us grow and help more children/teens to view our family friendly films.

Ways you can become a sponsor to our cause:

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If you believe like we believe - You will be giving back to our inner city communities to help young children to become better adults. All children and teens need guidance. Our film productions are aimed to inspire children of the inner city to live a better future.

Some of our movie production involves famous sports stars, and media stars that talk out loud to encourage teens to stay in school.

Won’t you join our cause and become a sponsor. Contact us we would love to hear from you



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Our busy media season brings many shows for you to enjoy. Take a look around and let us know what you think.
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