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Investor Relations Inquiry

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Investor Relations Inquiry

We are accepting sponships that would like to advertise on our sport HERO episodes. Our aim is to reach out to every child that needs nurturance guidance.

Analog Entertainment LLC
Our offices are located in NJ, MD & DE
Please Send Postal Mail To: P.O. Box 3781
Trenton NJ 08629
CEO at Analog Entertainment LLC
CEO at Analog Entertainment LLC.
Mr. Russell Teel - New York & Trenton Tri State Northern, Southern & Pacific Headquarters
CEO at Analog Entertainment LLC.
Phone or Text Direct To Mr. Teel: Email janesadowy@gmail.com for phone number
Email: russell.teel@analog-tv.com, janesadowy@gmail.com
NJ Office Phone: (609) 301.0264
Delaware Office Phone: (302) 930-0811
Please leave a short detail including your interests and full contact information.

We are fighting back crime! Helping kids get off the streets and into sports - Your sponsorship is greatly needed

By becoming a sponsor you will be helping us with important cash flow. Our cash flow is limited and we want to create more careers in the media entertainment world. We help train interns in colleges, and we hire and train many part-time employees that want to work in the entertainment business. Most importantly, we are targeting the teens in inner cities to instill in them the importance of staying in school, not joining local gangs, and know firsthand how terrible it is to commit crimes and land in jail.

If you believe like we believe - You will be giving back to our inner city communities to help all young teens (both girls and boys). It is very important to give back to the youth and help the community. We are having a good time filming with famous sport stars & famous musical singers that have taken their time out for the school age children & teens. Your sponsorship and promotion activy will help us grow and help more children/teens to view our films.

Ways you can become a sponsor to our cause:

  • Please purchase ad space from us.
  • Donate to our cause, or help us freely with media technology that you are experienced in.
  • .
  • Donate media camera equipment, micro phones and more. The more media equipment we have on hand it will help us to hire more people to work those cameras.
  • PLEASE Share this site with our share buttons at top of this page and help spread the word about our cause.
If you believe like we believe - You will be giving back to our inner city communities to help young children to become better adults. All children and teens need guidance. Our film productions are aimed to inspire children of the inner city to live a better future.

Some of our movie production involves famous sports stars that talk out loud to the teens to stay in school, stay away from drug abuse, and avoid jail time that can ruin their lives, treat your neighbors kindly and encourage them to keep guns off the street.

It is very important to give back to our youth and helping the children within our communities. Watch our episodes of them sharing important messages to all the children. They are providing children with nurturance and sensitive guidance and helping them receive the skills they need to succeed. They are every child's hero! Please share our site and help us promote giving back to our youth with important guidance. It is important for the children from any background to get the skills they need to succeed in our fast paced society. Take time today to watch our episodes click here

Won’t you join our cause and become a sponsor. Contact us we would love to hear from you


Jane Sadowy –

Founder of Swaphandmedowns.com

give back to the youth and help the teen school community
Take time today to review our films Analog Entertainment Presents Willingboro Celebrity Basketball Game

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