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Providing cable media entertainment film productions, documentaries, TV shows, feature event contents, independent films and media advertising.

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CEO - Founder at Analog Entertainment LLC. Producer

Mr. Russell Teel - New York & Trenton Tri State Northern, Southern & Pacific Headquarters: CEO at Analog Entertainment LLC. Expertise: Mr. Russell Teel In May 2005, he formed Analog Entertainment where he Managed, Promoted and Co-Produced "The Richie Lane Project." Shortly after in 2006, he co-produced a single, "Brittany" by Brittany Ahr. In 2007, Russell partnered with Microsoft & Ground Effex; in which he co-produced the album, "Still Here" by PR. During this venture, he co-directed a video for a song on the album titled, "The Message," later pursuing the direction of Television and Film.

What We Do. Online TV Media services We offer services for media from production to promotion.

We produce and broadcast, television programs on our channel, as well we run television commercial ads. President Jane at Analog Entertainment LLC

Founder Jane Sadowy President Marketing - Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Southern, New York & Trenton Tri State Northern Headquarters

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Analog Entertainment (AE) LLC & Analog Television is a veteran-owned business.

It is an independent motion picture production company comprised of creative business professionals producing independent films, documentaries, TV shows commercials and feature-length content. AE consists of an online interactive TV Network and distribution portal affording consumers an opportunity to obtain subscription-based, pay per view and free on-demand programming featuring original and targeted shows. The Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the changes that are occurring and which are inevitable in the media distribution industry. Our media is also vertically integrated to create tertiary avenues of revenue via mobile, satellite and cable. AE has developed an integrated approach to deliver a vertical for media deliver worldwide through and/or via satellite, wireless, cable IPTV and broadband. Our management team consists of seasoned industry managers. Agreements are in place that will ensure the successful planned growth of the following business lines:

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    Setting forth on a global footprint with our world-class online Television channel, Video technology, and our media production to expand beyond the North American our company will serve a global viewer base. Online TV Media services

    CONTENT: It is all about the delivery of niche content for consumers worldwide. Dealing with such companies as Simply TV (Connecticut), Omniverse TV (Tampa, FL), EchoStar (NJ), and Sling Media (California). AE is formulating relationships with advertising companies who specialize in multimedia distribution. This will provide a worldwide presence for AE, allowing us to reach a constituent audience and the public simultaneously. Our brands will require the branding muscle through promotions of bigger names in the entertainment industry from which we have already established relationships. Specialties

    VERTICAL PLATFORM: VOD The brand is AE and has been designed to provide video-on-demand, interactive and entertainment video programming via the Internet and other digital distribution platforms such as satellite, IPTV, cable and wireless that will appeal to various target audiences. Early adopters who are interested in experiencing leading-edge content and technologies will be drawn to the implementation of the network of Internet-based and digital cable.

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